About the Company

About The joe gardener® Company and our name

So, is Joe Lamp’l, joe gardener? Well, yes and no. Actually, it’s mostly a play on words. Although it’s fine to think of him that way (he answers to both…along with some other things), “joe gardener” was never intended to be any one person. That explains why it’s not capitalized. We like to think of it as a community of gardeners. In fact, no matter what your skill level, from beginner to seasoned professional, our company and website were established to provide information and resources for the joe gardener in all of us.

So now that we’ve cleared that up, it may still help to know that as Founder and President, Joe Lamp’l isn’t the only ‘joe’ behind The joe gardener® Company. In addition to our core team of horticulturists, Master Gardeners and landscape designers, we’re proud to have relationships with some of the top horticulturalists, sustainability and green-living experts in the country. Their friendship and knowledge helps us to provide you with smart resources for a greener way of gardening and environmental stewardship through all forms of media. Everyone who enjoys a connection with the outdoors and living a more eco-friendly life plays a role in who we are and why we’re here. Collectively, each helps to make up the joe gardener community.

At joe gardener, gardening and outdoor living is our passion and way of life. Growing a Greener World® through environmental stewardship guides us in everything we do as a company, personally, and how we communicate publicly by providing information on air through our television series and online via the Internet in the field of horticulture and sustainable living.  Whether you learn best by reading, listening or watching, our array of resources can help you become the gardener you want to be. Let us know how we can help you, so together we can all continue to learn, create, and grow a greener world.