There’s a lot of great information out there, but here are some of our favorites. From finding your local county extension office, to pronouncing plant names in botanical Latin, we’ve identified some great resource links below.

Say What

Reading Latin names of plants is one thing…pronouncing them is something else entirely! We found a wonderful resource to help all gardeners with those tongue-twisting challenges. Visit Fine Gardening’s Guide to Pronouncing Botanical Latin

What Zone am I in?

Before purchasing plants for your garden, it’s important to know the zone for your area. The USDA Plant Hardiness Map divides the US into 11 Plant Hardiness Zones based upon average minimum temperatures.

Need to find your local County Extension Office?

Its easy just Click on this link.


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The Best of the Must-haves

Joe Lamp’l and The joe gardener team travel the country and spend countless hours seeking out the coolest, most unique, and best of the new garden gear and gadgets each year. The products that merit further review are then tested thoroughly by veteran gardeners from Joe’s team. The 10 products that make the cut are deemed “The Best of the “Must haves”.

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